About VideoOut

Mission and Vision.

We illuminate the LGBTQ+ experience — by us, for all!

The world we want is one where everybody thrives, period — where there is no such thing as harassment, prejudice, inequality, or fear of death.

What Is VideoOut?

We create content about LGBTQ+ identity, history, and culture. The truth is, queer and trans people are cool AF. Our identities are boundless, existing despite restrictive social constructs. They open dialogues about how we can live in the expanse of humanity. We’ve always been here, too. Our history is rich and complex, deserving of attention and study. Our extraordinary talents have added countless contributions to culture, from music and art to philosophy and politics. Yet, historically, the way people have talked and written about the LGBTQ+ community has resulted in discrimination, prejudice, and violence. Queer and trans people have been painted as sinners and miscreants. The current misinformation-fueled rhetorical climate has manifested in an onslaught of anti-trans legislation, and there are devastating consequences — each year more deadly than the last. At the same time, more people than ever are living as their most authentic selves. We must end the cycle of stigma. We must engineer a new norm of acceptance. VideoOut produces and amplifies accurate information about the LGBTQ+ experience. We combat misinformation, confusion and erasure — and we make the world feel a little more like home for everyone.

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Meet The Team

Jordan Reeves


Executive Director

Dustin Cañez


Creative Director

Selena Roberts


Deputy Director