Community Guidelines

The following guidelines are to foster the kind of community VideoOut appreciates. We ask that you consider the spirit of these guidelines, and participate in
a manner worthy of this community.

Too often, community guidelines are a low-bar list of “don’t dos” — a perfunctory exercise to show that an organization cares about everyone. These community guidelines are a bit different: they are an invitation to participate in curiosity, conversation, and care.

First, VideoOut is for everyone, but especially for the LGBTQ+ community. If you are queerphobic, transphobic, racist, or hateful in any way, we would love to talk to you about why. We’d love to show you that standing together in shared humanity is a better approach than being hateful to a person because of who they are.

We are committed to illuminating the identity, history and culture of LGBTQ+ people of color. Racism is dangerous, and we strive to be accomplices, working alongside BIPOC communities to develop solutions to systemic problems and pathways to sustainable joy. If you are racist, we’d love to talk to you about concepts like white supremacy, white fragility, and the correlation between racism and a disproportionate social burden placed on BIPOC communities. We would also love to refer you to BIPOC led organizations and resources created by BIPOC communities.

Trans people are critical in the movement for LGBTQ+ equality and justice. We are committed to the present and future well-being of our trans family and friends. In a time where trans folx are the most marginalized, we will work tirelessly to provide opportunities for them. We will also use our platform and our programs to raise awareness and educate the public about issues that affect trans people. If you have questions about being trans, or about trans people, we are here to talk.

We don’t support or content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on sexuality, gender identity, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, or veteran status.

We choose love! You are important, you deserve to be seen and heard, and you have a place here. This is for you! Also, we commit to protecting our community — in whatever ways we can — from all kinds of hate. If you’d like to help us spread love (and end hate), you are welcome to join us on our digital platforms and at our community events.

We hope by watching VideoOut content and attending VideoOut events, you’ll grow to love yourself and the LGBTQ+ community more and more.  We’re always here for you, and we can’t wait to hear your story soon!

Have Any Questions?

VideoOut is always here to talk to you — about anything! We illuminate the LGBTQ+ experience by creating content about our identity, history, and culture, but our community is the most important part of us. That’s YOU! Feel free to reach out about anything and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.